Jennifer Kalled

Jennifer Kalled has been designing jewelry since she first learned her craft in Arizona in the mid-70's. Her love of colored stone came out of her Southwestern experience. Back home in NH, Jennifer's skill as a designer grew until, today, her talent is nationally recognized. Her naturally acute sense of color finds expression in the unique and vibrant combinations which are the hallmark of her work. "There is a pattern as to who are attracted to my work. There are those who love my work but keep a hesitant distance, much like a shy lover... and then there is the confident woman who is comfortable with the beginning of things, with her own voice... the woman who will start the next “trend.” I love these women & men, for without them, where would we artists be?  Artists and their patrons share the thread of courage, willing to say what is “good, true & beautiful.’’  

"Collectors have described my pieces to be “Klimt-like”. The beautiful ornamentation that graced the models in Klimt’s paintings comes to life in my jewelry, and my customers become the models!” Jennifer’s designs have an archetypal quality with strong feminine appeal. After seeing her work, many women have said that they feel the same excitement they did as little girls looking into their mother’s jewelry boxes.  Jennifer’s jewelry has been featured in Lapidary Journal, New York Diamond, and has appeared in Colored Stone and Modern Jeweler magazines.  In 2012, Kalled was honored along with 6 other women as Remarkable Woman, Master of Crafts of NH and in 2013 Peoples Choice Award by the League of NH Craftsmen. She exhibits at many of the best craft shows in the Northeast.

Go to "Shows" to see where she will be in your area.  Kalled's work is also available in Santa Fe, New Mexico, her winter home with husband Bill Kasso, Opal Miner/Lapidary, at


Kim Kalled- Business manager

Kim Kalled has been there right from the start.  Many customers may not know her face, but she is an intricate part of what keeps the gallery running!  Kim is also Jennifer's sister-in-law and has been a part of our team through every change that the Kalled Gallery has seen along the way.  


Mal Stirt-Chief Sales Associate and Networking 

Mal Stirt has been with the gallery since 2013.  Mal's extensive experience in the retail sales and customer service industry has been crucial to our growth during these past couple years.  Mal has a way with our customers, and always handles customer relations in an empathetic and professional manner.  She is familiar with the people in our community and has an ability to keep on top of local events.  So many of our customers have said that they first decided to come into our gallery because Mal had told them about it.  We are very lucky to have her!