Balaam Jewelry

Monica Zamora Krause is the founder and creator of Balaam Jewelry. Her work is created in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This sterling silver line of work has a contemporary feel to it that combines traditional influences with modern European and American flare. Monica spent many years living between Germany and the United States and said her work strongly reflects how she experienced the cultures of both places. She believes that, “jewelry should not be just an accessory, but rather the outward and visible expression of one’s unique personality”.
Each piece of Balaam Jewelry are the direct expression of Monica’s experiences, emotion, and soul. One of the many reasons handmade art and jewelry is so wonderful!

Monica works with sterling silver and a variety of stones including pearls. Her unique, scratched/textured finish on her pieces gives them a softer and more matte looking finish. Her earrings, although large, are extremely light due to the metal being hollow. A great way to have some substance without the weight! The designs are bold and geometric making for a very striking appearance. If you’re looking for an edgy set of jewelry without too much color, Balaam Jewelry might be the perfect choice!