Lisa and Scott Cylinder are the founders and owners of Chickenscratch Jewelry.  The two met while studying Jewelry and Metalsmithing at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.  They decided to merge their knowledge and expertise to create a sophisticated, intelligent and fun line of jewelry.  They have been making the line from their home studio since 1988 and pride themselves on the amount of creativity and craftsmanship they have.
The part that makes their work so unique is the imagery.  Each piece is based upon fables, plays on words and their observations in life.  Most of their pieces have movable components; free swinging tails, legs, tongues and tails.  This feature adds such playfulness and whimsy to each one!
They use mostly base metals, such as brass, copper, nickel silver and sterling silver. Each piece has been joined together using silver solder ensuring the strength and durability of the piece.  Many of their pieces incorporate clever cold-joining techniques as well.  They use various plastics, found objects and whatever other materials they feel inspired to use.
The two have created a unique patina-ing process that allows them to achieve rich and vibrant colors.  These are the finishes used on the majority of their work.  A lovely verdigris (green) patina is used as well, creating that more classic look.
The pieces that do not have a patina color are often silver or 24K gold plated.  A silver or gold leaf is used to accent and detail many of the pieces, as well as colored silver leafs and luminous mica powders.   Bright, semi-transparent enamel paints are used over metal elements too…this adds bold accents of color.
Lisa and Scott are meticulous about what findings they use in their pieces, so their pin back is their very own design.  It’s made of stainless steel and is hand sharpened and sprung.  It’s quite strong and should not come open without assistance.

Here at the gallery we feel their pieces are simply enchanting.  Each brooch has such character and charm.  It’s as though they could jump off your coat and begin telling you a story!