Fire and Light Glass

Fire & Light launched in 1995 from a need and inspiration for the small community of Arcata, California. They wanted to develop a plan for using the town’s recycled glass. They decided to transform the crushed, recycled glass into tableware….beautiful and brilliantly colored tableware that is!
The creation of local jobs and the earth conscious decision was one we can all appreciate.

How is it made?
The glass is brought to the center and then carefully picked through removing caps and seals. It is then sent through a machine which crushes it. Once crushed, the glass is shoveled into large furnaces where it is melted overnight. Color pigment is added to the furnaces to achieve the color desired. The next day each piece is poured into a mold and hand pressed to perfection. Each piece is inspected for flaws after being pressed…and using a hand torch, the flaw is removed.
The process requires time, patience, skill and passion for the craft.

They offer nine different colors and seven out of the nine are made from 91% recycled glass!

We’ve all seen things made from recycled glass…but we can assure you, the luminescence and almost water color appearance of these pieces is stunning.
Whether it’s a plate or wine goblet, each piece is equally spectacular.

John and Natali McClurg are the owners of the company now, purchasing it in 1999. They, along with a team of 20 people are Fire & Light…a company whose craftsmanship and spirit is committed to making each piece superb.
We absolutely love their glass work here at The Kalled Gallery, and I can say with complete confidence almost every one of us owns a piece and uses it on a daily basis.