Margaret Wozniak was born in Poland and did her studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow.
She began by working in bronze, but then transitioned into exclusively using clay.  She feels the clay has a broader allowance so she can fully express her creativity through it.  Each piece is hand built and meticulously painted with precisely formulated glazes.  Her work is not easily categorized, as it evokes both a strong respect for antiquity and a serene sense of the mythical and spiritual realms.
Her combination of muted shades of pastels and then bold strokes of colors is done so delightfully.  In most of her pieces she enhances and compliments areas with lovely metallic gold paints…bringing such a warmth and charm to each piece of work.
From little piggy bank houses with birds or owls perched atop, to the darling polar bear with his outstretched paws around a bowl, you can tell each piece of art is done with perfection and a deep love for her craft.
There is whimsy and adventure in her characters that makes one feel drawn into their world when looking at them.
The most wonderful thing about art is being able to feel a part of the artist’s mind and soul in the piece…art can bring out every emotion on the spectrum, it invites and allows vulnerability.  It’s a moment in time when one can feel completely free.  Margaret’s sculptures are the perfect example of this.
Whether it’s for your own home to remind yourself of those peaceful times and whimsical moments in life or a gift for someone special, this work is certain to make you smile.