Mary-Melinda Wellsandt 

Mary-Melinda Wellsandt grew up on Herron Island in the southern part of Washington’s Puget Sound. Since a small child she was making “pretty things” as she says. She would paint the gravel in her driveway with watercolors and then hand it out to neighbors on their block. She has since refined her work, but you can still see the childlike joy and delight in the creation of her work.

Mary-Melinda grew up on an island only 1.25 miles long and half a mile wide…the nature was her home. She says that “nature and its beauty embedded itself into her soul”. Ever since, variations in nature have fascinated her. Like how the color of leaves change beneath a darkening sky…they simply glow!

How does she do it? :
Wellsandt’s work uses functional glass as the palette and then by sandblasting and carving into the glass she is able to create something magical. She uses enamels, permanent paints and other mediums to implement her original drawings, paintings and photography.
The artist credits her success to the support of her small staff, especially her studio manager, T. Clear.

These beautiful vases can impress all on their own or can be accentuated with flowers, vines or any organic bouquet that suits your fancy.
They are truly unique pieces that are guaranteed to not only thrill but inspire people.

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