Rewind Jewelry

Carlos Montanaro is the founder and artist of Rewind Jewelry. He and his team create their unique line of jewelry and watches in Lakewood, California. They are creating upcycled vintage jewelry by exposing the inner mechanics of 1800’s and 1900’s timepieces! Each piece represents a piece of history and has its own story to tell, making them not only awesome, but one-of-a-kind!

Montanaro started making this type of jewelry because he is a lover of all things industrial. He creates what he is passionate about and is fascinated by history and the importance of keeping the memory of an era alive. Carlos finds inspiration in the mechanisms and utilizes these historic timepieces as his base for creation. “My work is about taking something and putting it into a context where people see it as more important, turning normal things into a piece of art,” says Montanaro. He thrives on the challenge it poses to re-create and rework these watches into something that others can appreciate as much as he does.

Carlos and his team are using silversmithing, jewelry bench skills, and traditional watch making techniques. They rivet, engrave, and restore the timepieces. By revealing the mechanical aspects of the pieces, they are able to showcase their beauty in a new way. There are quite a variety of metals used in their jewelry; brass, silver, and copper being just a few of them.
If you are a history lover, steampunk enthusiast, or enjoy that classy, vintage look….the pieces from Rewind Jewelry are sure to excite you!

“The people who inspire me and my team most in this world, are those who take a chance on something because they love what they are doing”
– Carlos Montanaro