Shell-Bell Designs

Shelli Kahl is the artist and creator of Shell-Bell Designs.  On 10/10/10 she married the love of her life, Timothy Kahl.  In 2014, just four years after they married, Timothy left his successful 25-year career in a commercial lighting business.  His role in Shell-Bell Designs has been essential.  Between building her a jewelry studio in their home to driving to each show and selling her work, the Kahls have not only grown, but flourished in the jewelry making world.
The couple bought a 1938 log cabin style home in Big Bear, California where they reside with their Bernese Mountain Dog, “Gracie” and two cats. When they travel to their shows across country, they usually take the RV and the whole furry family!

Shelli says her work is a representation of how she lives her life.  She is free-spirited, passionate and non-traditional in her way of thinking and living. She lives true to herself, uninhibited by the boundaries that are set by others. Each piece of jewelry is an outward expression of who she is and her philosophy in life.

Kahl uses a wonderful technique in her work called “reticulation”.  Reticulation is a torch-created texture which is achieved by the repeated heating and cooling of sterling silver sheet metal.  During this process, much of the copper alloy is burned away from the surface...leaving a lower melting temperature inside the sheet. This differential allows for melting the inner layer without breaking the surface tension and thus creating ripple-like textures on the surface.  Along with this technique, she uses 14K yellow gold fusion and oxidization in her work.
A wide variety of gems are used to adorn these unique pieces.  Diamonds, topaz, peridot, amethyst, sapphire and ruby are just a few of them.  Something we really loved about this work was how incredibly light-weight it is! Being able to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry without the inhibiting weight against the skin is a wonderful thing. Between the nature of the reticulated silver and the gold fusion, each piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.  If you want something that’s diverse in style and metal color…Shell-Bell is perfect. Most of her pieces have gold and silver in them, resulting in that beautiful two-tone look.

Dress it up, dress it down….wear it out to help that frown!