Tommy Conch

If you are fascinated or interested in history and fashion, this is your guy.
Thomas creates unique, one of a kind pieces using 18th-19th century buttons!
A lot of this artist's time is spent treasure hunting in flea markets and antique stores across Europe.  As a result, each piece of Tommy Conch jewelry has a story that makes one fascinated.....if these pieces could talk!


Tommy's love and appreciation for vintage or antique design began at an early age. His mother was a designer for the famous Henri Bendel and his father worked for the Metropolitan Opera and was an avid painter. The family loved art, music and collecting antiques.
Tommy focuses on the vintage buttons in his work, but sea glass, ceramic shards, abalone shell and an assortment of stones are also used in his jewelry.
Using .950 Sterling silver and his own intricate design around each piece, Tommy Conch jewelry  results as unusual and beautiful with a classic modern twist.

“Much of what was produced in past centuries gets discarded, unused or stored away out of sight. Finding these things and giving them new life is what I enjoy” says Conch.
You can’t help but wonder what stories each button has to tell. Whose dress or jacket was adorned with it? Were they of royalty? Perhaps a famous and historic figure wore one of these buttons.
Your mind is sure to wander!
Thomas creates this exclusive work out of his studio in Milford, Connecticut.