Wolfgang Vaatz

Wolfgang Vaatz Earrings 14k Gold Oxidized Silver

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The major theme underlying jewelry artist Wolfgang Vaatz's creations is the natural landscape (mountains, hill country, southwest desert, and the ocean), and at times, minute studies of patterns in nature created by the wind, water and sun.

“I consider myself a translator. An interpreter who allows for the spirit of nature to be conveyed through my works. Since high school, back when climate change was just a creeping shadow, I have felt and sought to express my concern for the earth on which we live.  In recent years, my vision has largely turned towards the aspen tree. The aspen groves, beautiful and mystical, enchant us with filtered golden light and dancing leaves. However, there is more than just the gorgeous leaves of these quaking trees. An aspen stand is one living organism, connected by a single root system. These trees are an epitome of connectivity, supporting each individual tree. Thus, I feel inspired to engage the viewer and/or wearer to connect with nature, themselves, and precious memories.  

  • CA Placer Gold
  • 14k gold fused to argentium silver, oxidized
  • 14k gold post earrings
  • Disc measures .07" diameter
  • WV016