So Young Park Pendant

So Young Park creates one-of-a-kind jewels in 18K gold and sterling silver. 
Park's contemporary jewelry forms and theory are inspired from her thesis, nativity and memories from her childhood. She grew up near the ocean in the southern part of South Korea. So Young used to play with sea life and plants and collected many different kinds of shells and pebbles. She loved touching and observing the surface texture and pattern of shells and various naturally shaped pebbles during her happy childhood.
Her jewelry art forms are assembled through the harmonic use of wires, tiny discs, engraved patterns, and textures forged of gold or silver, creating elegant, yet unusual visual forms. The use of wires, small discs, textures, and other small elements represent the single cells that makeup all life.
  • Pendant
  • Oxidized Sterling Silver
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • 24k Yellow Gold Leaf
  • 16" Oxidized sterling silver multi chain adjusts to 17.5"

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