November musings

This piece is still being worked out, but I thought I might share this part of the process....  It is hard to tell from this vantage point but the gold work is very 3d and sculptural.  The stones & shells are quite unique.  The yellow agate is carved into what looks like a shell, complimenting the rams horn shell and the negative imprint of an ammonite shell.  Small 4mm sunset topazes, smokey quartz and a small white diamond bring the needed light into the piece.  The bead work will most likely be this beautiful natural topaz strand and black spinal strand.  


This imagery of "looking back" to where we have been inspired this piece.  The elements in this have been around for millions of years some extinct now, some still buried.  Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20 vision.... I do question that... but at least a lovely piece is coming out of this musing.

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