We are pleased to offer Abra Couture jewelry here in Wolfeboro at the Kalled Gallery.  We picked up Abra’s line two years ago and sell out within the first few weeks of summer.  Her work is colorful, Kicky, and affordable! Read Abra's biography below to learn more about this wonderful artist and her work.

Abra Couture Jewelry’s History

Bold yet decidedly feminine, Abra Couture jewelry is a fresh take on the classics. In 1992, Abra began her line out of her apartment, inspired by the eclectic atmosphere of New York City. Abra built her business, one bracelet at a time, until she was able to move into a studio. Her line, Abra Couture, was distinctive enough to make a large impression on fashion editors and museums, who helped the world discover her stylish jewelry. Abra currently resides in Pennsylvania with her family, continuing her craft in a converted farmhouse.

The Abra Couture Lines

What makes Abra Couture jewelry so unique is the creation process. Abra designs each component of her jewelry, ensuring every detail is perfect and each necklace and bracelet are able to withstand the rigors of wear. Abra Couture is made up of two lines, Bijoux Moderne and Bijoux Naturale.

Bijoux Moderne is defined by a brilliant recycling of materials, including acrylics, cotton, cast resin and vintage plastics. This line is comprised of striking costume pieces, designed to be both beautiful and affordable. Due to its handmade nature, each finished piece is unique, with shapes, textures and hues varying from one bracelet to the next. Abra’s signature “Cotton Ball” jewelry is fashioned out of cotton balls that have been dipped in resin and strung together with electroplated silver wire. Delightfully lightweight, these eye-catching pearl-like creations are so much fun to wear.

The second of Abra Couture’s lines is Bijoux Naturale. The jewelry of this line is fashioned out of semiprecious “finds,” giving each piece a truly unique look. Abra combines hand-selected pearls, stones and vintage glass, creating a little story with each piece. Inspired by her lush home, Abra often incorporates natural design elements, such as vines and flowers, into the beautiful Bijoux Naturale line.

Abra Couture is owned and run by women and everything is handmade in the USA, making each necklace and bracelet something you can take pride in wearing. Additionally, almost all of Abra’s creations can be customized to your size. Be sure to view some of our online selection of Abra's Jewelry, or stop by our fine jewelry store in Wolfeboro, NH to see even more!

Abra Couture ….. the jewelry that jewelry lovers love!™

  Abra Couture Jewelry