Constance Wicklund Gildea’s captivating work;  we couldn’t be more in love with it!
She has a lovely balance of keeping an eye on current fashion trends, but also using her own intuition of what women want. She designs for the diverse lifestyle us ladies tend to live these days. Her jewelry leans towards the softer and more romantic side that we all have but don’t always play on.


Constance uses an ancient Korean technique in her jewelry called Keum-Boo.
This is the process of bonding 24kt gold and fine silver. This is achieved by the diffusion of the two metals. When 24kt gold and fine silver are heated to an exact temperature the atoms in the metals interchange with each other creating a permanent and lasting bond.
The artist first roller prints the design in fine silver. The gold leaf patterns are then applied to the design. She adds more detail by hand engraving some of the areas.
After adding a little sparkle using diamonds, sapphires, or whatever her stone of choice is…these pieces emerge with elegance, warmth and un-denying beauty.
The organic designs and contrast in bright golds and dark oxidization bring a natural draw to them…reminding us of the contrast in life. Accepting the light and the dark and seeing the beauty that they have to offer when used to complement each other instead of fight each other.

Constance Wicklund-Gildea

Whether it’s a gift for someone or a gift for yourself, these pieces are sure to please. Constance Wicklund-Gildea’s work is the definition of timeless.