Sara Danielle 

Sara was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and created various artistic things as a child. Jewelry became her passion after spending much of her time in a Washington, DC bead store. Before long, jewelry making became her career.
She went to school for business and was very involved in environmental nonprofit work, so the structure and growth of the business came naturally and is unique. She continues to look for new ways to unite her passion for art and the environment.


Earth Conscious:
Her jewelry studio is powered by 100% renewable energy and the 14K and 18K gold used in her work is recycled, and all scrap metals are refined and reused.
Everything is recycled. The glass, paper and plastic are recycled and even the leftover boxes from lunch are composted. Every effort is made to use sustainably harvested or post-consumer recycled content for consumable products, such as gift wrapping, office supplies and marketing materials.
On top of running her own business and creating the Sara Danielle line of jewelry, she volunteers at and donates to a variety of nonprofit organizations. Sara believes it is essential to support and be involved in your community.

Sara uses a variety of precious stones. London blue topaz, garnet, labradorite, chalcedony, citrine and peridot skim the surface. A wonderful assortment of gold chains is used and fine, gold, wire wrapping around each bead is done with perfection.

Here at the gallery, we feel that Sara Danielle's work is so unusual in its ability to capture such light and elegance. The quality of her pieces is exceptional and the winsomeness and delicacy in the way they wear is simply lovely. Perfect for everyday wear, or an evening out. You can feel good about your purchase because with every sale a portion is donated to animal rights and environmental organizations, including The Humane Society, Farm Sanctuary and Boston Building Resources.