BK & JK EXCELLENT ADVENTURES the continuing search of Australian Opal

Bill and I went to see a few fella's in Quilpie, Australia. One, who had an amazing

Koroit opal specimen, and the other, some lovely rough boulder opal.

Thankfully, the weather this year has been much more agreeable than last year, only in the 90's.

I am very grateful. The patterns in the Koroit opal, as you can see, are but a maze of color. Swirling, twirling, and bending back to where it began.

One can get lost in the green & blue opal dance.  

koroit-boulder-opal-kalled-kassoboulder-opal-rough-kasso-kalledboulder opal koroit opal jewelry earringboulder-opal-kasso-kalled


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