Yowah Opal Pendant; "Over the Rainbow"

I don't have to explain the name of this magnificent Yowah opal.  It is one of the loveliest
yowah-opal-pendant-gold-kalled opals; soft colors  with the  entire spectrum of  color. Nature has  seen fit to  surround   it with a  rich brown frame.    Rare indeed.  Yowah, Australia    is the only area in  the outback  that  produces the  "Yowah Nut"  as  they call it.  It's not  really a  nut, but  certainly looks like  one.  If you're  lucky, you've  split  the nut just in the  right  place that  produces to sides  with color.  This one was split  perfectly.  The other side will  be designed into a cuff  bracelet that compliments this  pendant, for the lucky collector  that purchased it. 
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