Updates — boulder opal jewelry



November of 2017 brought Bill Kasso, myself, and many other happy designers, nationally & internationally, "pipe opal" to be seen and purchased at the 2018 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.   Pipe ...
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THE TWINS, Yowah Nut Opal

Twins are fascinating, even when they are Yowah Nut Opals.  One of my collectors purchased a pendant that I designed last year, "Over the Rainbow", which had a stunning Yowah Nut Opal that was full...
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Boulder Opal Jewelry 2017 Begins

We started out this year thinking about designing long, big, statement boulder opal earrings for this 2017.   In part, because Bill (Kasso) brought back from his annual Australian trip, some outs...
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Yowah Opal Pendant; "Over the Rainbow"

I don't have to explain the name of this magnificent Yowah opal.  It is one of the loveliest  opals; soft colors  with the  entire spectrum of  color. Nature has  seen fit to  surround   it with a...
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"View from the Moon", boulder opal necklace.

Custom Boulder opal necklace is done, delivered and loved! That is an artists idea of perfection. My collector had purchased a lovely black opal pendant and wanted me to incorporate it in a larger ...
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Boulder Opal "Window with a View"

        This boulder opal looks like a window with an ocean view. A very significant piece, it's about 2.5 square. I have blogged in the past about the rough that Bill Kasso got that was full st...
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Leaf Shaped Boulder Opal Chandelier Earrings

When Bill Kasso starts cutting his rough boulder opal, koroit opal, yowah opal, etc... it is a very exciting time for him and of course for me. When I saw these leaf shape boulder opals that he cut...
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Boulder Opal Bahamas Guana Cay Necklace

I am constantly amazed... for two incredible weeks we witnessed the most extraordinary colors that I have ever seen on a beach, in the waters of the Bahamas; as I have shared with you already, my n...
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