November of 2017 brought Bill Kasso, myself, and many other happy designers, nationally & internationally, "pipe opal" to be seen and purchased at the 2018 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.   Pipe opal is crystal opal found often in long pipe like cylinders of ironstone, sandstone & petrified wood.  The earrings below feature pipe opal in petrified wood.  The color is a purple-pinkish tone with flashes of green.  What is special about pipe opal is that it is thick and allows one to peer into the opal giving it a very magical quality.  This pair of earrings is done in 22k and 18k gold with accents of grape garnet. https://www.kalledjewelrystudio.com/collections/earrings/products/jennifer-kalled-ladder-style-boulder-opal-earringsopal-petrified-wood-earrings-kalled-kasso
Another example of beautiful Pipe Opal in this pendant and earrings. https://www.kalledjewelrystudio.com/collections/pendants/products/jennifer-kalled-boulder-opal-pendant-9 The variety of color seems endless.  What I find lovely is the ability to see the host material of petrified wood along the edges of the opal.
These lovely opal stones are getting ready to be rings set in 22k & 18k gold.opal-petrified-wood-rings-kalled-kasso
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