Each time I accompany Bill to Yowah, Australia where Yowah Opal is Queen,  I have to "work" my relationship to Bush Living.    It's a type of detoxing;  A detoxing from stimulus if you will.  One does not realize how the rhythm of ones society can take over without knowing, and seemingly without our consent, yet it does.  

I had the privilege of meeting an Artist here this year that somehow escaped me my first two trips.  Meet Eddie McGuire.   He is the artist who carved the beautiful resting places for this Yowah Nut which is called, if you have not already guessed it... "The Eyes of Horus".   In 25 years, Bill has never seen such a perfect picture stone, and such a meaningful one at that. The Egyptian Eye is so widely known and appreciated.  We are so excited to have these in our collection.  Priceless!

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  • I was privileged enough to see Eddies work at the market in Yowah in 2018, these two eyes of horus blew my mind, that nature could produce such magnificent art, and so symbolic. You must be very proud to own these. I would be. Eddie’s wood carving stands are incredible also..

    Cindy young
  • Eddie is a true artisan His work is truly unique- he deserves so much more recognition.

    Sandy Rodwell

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