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Each time I accompany Bill to Yowah, Australia where Yowah Opal is Queen,  I have to "work" my relationship to Bush Living.    It's a type of detoxing;  A detoxing from stimulus if you will.  One d...
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Leaf Shaped Boulder Opal Chandelier Earrings

When Bill Kasso starts cutting his rough boulder opal, koroit opal, yowah opal, etc... it is a very exciting time for him and of course for me. When I saw these leaf shape boulder opals that he cut...
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Boulder Opal Necklace "Hanging in the Balance"

This boulder opal necklace was a true balancing act.  Getting the boulder opal, carved black jade, pearls and the rest was a challenge, but in the end, a lovely piece.  Here is a picture of Aubri w...
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Boulder Opal Ring in 22k & 18k gold

Like many artists I have a very large collection of the materials I use, in my case, it's boulder opal, opalized wood, yowah opal, koroit opal and, my fiancé is an opal miner! This addiction, like ...
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