Boulder Opal Ring in 22k & 18k gold

Like many artists I have a very large collection of the materials I use, in my case, it's boulder opal, opalized wood, yowah opal, koroit opal and, my fiancé is an opal miner! This addiction, like any addiction occupies not only ones time, but ones head space.  I think about boulder opal colors, what creation is next and how opal can be designed to show off it's beauty.  My pieces are complicated, much like a mosaic or a Klimt painting.  My work is for the woman who starts something, not a follower by any stretch of the imagination.  It's not an unusual sale when a piece is purchased by a female lawyer, doctor, banker, finance director, etc...   I find that satisfying.  

 I just finished this ring with boulder opal, peridot, & tsavortite in 22k and 18k gold.  I love this ring... It's going to be hard to let this go.


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