Bill and I had a fabulous Tucson Show in 2020.  Boulder opals continue to excite designers, and new designers are taking the plunge.  The public knowledge is growing surrounding boulder opal but still has a long way to go.  Being an art jeweler since 1978, selling in art shows around the country and owning a gallery for 20 years, gives me a bird's eye view of our sub-culture.    I'm pleased to see artists pushing their edges in creativity and not allowing what's safe to steer them away from their genius.boulder-opal-pendants-gold-kalled-kasso
 I was very selective in purchasing colored stones and beads this year, primarily because I have such a fantastic collection of unset stones.   I could have my own booth in Tucson!  Indonesia had some amazing opal in petrified wood that I purchased, along with some Turquoise from Kazastan and Violane from Russia.  I'm still working on  this pair that has rough apatite and sapphire.  One can see how stunning and unusual these stones are.  I love the smokey quartz and apatite as compliments on the pair of earrings below .
 Walking the many shows in Tucson is an exercise in meditation.  To stay mindful of your purpose but open enough to change artistic direction at anytime!  I have a few intentions starting out, but I prefer to be open and surprised.  Just the sheer magnitude of the show can make one feel confused, but if you allow excitement to lead you, you will have a wonder-full experience.


I purchased an amethyst geode, the crystals are green instead of purple.  The coloration is natural and very unusual. It's about 38" tall by 16" at its widest point.  It's mounted on a steel display base and stands 68" high with base, just under 6 feet.  Not the best picture, you'll just have to come to the gallery after we are allowed to leave our homes to see it.  Definitely, one of my favorite purchases.  It will be a focal piece for the gallery.  Whomever chooses to purchase it, will be a very lucky person indeed.  We drive these larger specimens from Tucson to Wolfeboro, NH ourselves, because the shipping would cost as much as the piece.  Another purchase that I am very excited about were these Lapis Chunky Beads.  Bill and I gold leafed one of the beads and created something very special;  Love collaboration with Bill.
Continuing working on custom work, see above, this boulder opal was chosen by our collector here in Santa Fe to make something to hang from her omega.  Love her choice of boulder opal; the piece is going to be stunning.
Just a taste of the pieces I have been working on.  I'll share more in time.... thanks

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  • Sounds like a great time! What an adventure life is with you two. Keep finding and making beauty!!

    Lauren COLLINS Lematty
  • Yes, it was a wonderful Tucson Show…it also helps when your wife is Jennifer Kalled, who
    is constantly pushing boundaries and throwing ideas at me to create and evolve!

    William Kasso

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