THE TWINS, Yowah Nut Opal

Twins are fascinating, even when they are Yowah Nut Opals.  One of my collectors purchased a pendant that I designed last year, "Over the Rainbow", which had a stunning Yowah Nut Opal that was full of color and looked just like a rainbow;  she reserved the other half of the Yowah Nut for a future cuff bracelet.  Here she is;  This cuff has a hessonite garnet teardrop, tanzanite, designer pearl, & zircon in 22k & 18k gold.


   I find that the yowah opal intrigues me perhaps the most.  Is it the chocolate ironstone that naturally frames the gem?  Perhaps, but for certain Yowah Opal has my heart.    



There's drama in the skies, what the mines yield, and in the search for opal; it's palpable.  In someway, I don't feel like I missed the gold rush here in the USA.  I imagine it is a tad similar here, in the outback of Australia.   














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