White Sands, New Mexico

White Sands, New Mexico

What an amazing place White Sands, New Mexico is!  Inspiring, thought-full, and fun!  All I could think about at the time was color agains't this spectacular blank negative space.. thus the fun with scarfs!   https://youtu.be/dtIKSk6D-sU  Bill Kasso, (was such a good sport) and we had such a great time there & we both are so curious how this inspiration will find its way into my jewelry making and our art work.

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  • Hi Bill and Jennifer, The opals are drilled. I left you a telephone message but I do not have your email. 18 stones $300 total for drilling, shipping charges will depend on insurance amount requested. My contact info is 303.933.7670 landline 303.990.1040 cell steveg@dimcom.net
    I need to know insurance amount required and confirm shipping address.

    Steve Green

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