Boubakary Konseimbo

Boubakary Konseimbo Fine Art

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I met Boubak at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  He is part of a show of African Artists and importers of African Art that is breath taking.  We always visit the African Show;  what is better than seeing what is being made and created in other parts of the world.  Boubak, spends his time between his home in the sub-saharan West-African country of Burkina Faso- "The Land of the Upright Man"and Santa Fe.  

Konseimbo's first showing outside the African continent was in Paris.  In 2006 a fellow artist learned of the African Village Show in Tucson through a chance meeting with a tourist from Oregon.  A few months later Boubak found himself in the USA and not only participating in the African Village Show in Tucson, but also showing his work in NYC, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Birds and Fish-and their movements through the sa and sky-are reoccurring themes in his work.  He say the creatures speak to him of freedom.  

Bill and I love this work!

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Oil Pastel
  • Soil
  • Canvas
  • Mounted
  • 5'.3" x 19"