Jennifer Kalled

Boulder Opal Layered Earrings

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Boulder opal earrings with 22k bi-metal on fine silver, accented with amethyst.
 Wikipedia says of purple;   " Purple, when combined with pink, is associated with eroticism, femininity and seduction.   Purple was the color worn by Roman magistrates; it became the imperial color worn by the rulers of the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. Similarly in Japan, the color is traditionally associated with the Emperor and aristocracy."
No wonder the bishops, the emperor and others loved purple!
  • Boulder opal
  • Amethyst
  • Post earrings
  • 22k and 18k gold and 22k gold bi-metal with fine silver
  • Each earring measured approx. 1 7/8" long
  • Insurance & shipping included via Registered mail USPS within USA