Jennifer Kalled

Boulder Opal Necklace, "Ring of Fire"

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I name most of my one-of-a-kind pieces so I put a picture on Facebook of this one, and asked what I should name it. The response was amazing and inspiring, dozens of wonderful thought out names.  I wish I could pick more than one!  The name, "Ring of Fire", seemed to pull many of the ideas together.  

About this boulder opal: "By the way, Red with Blue is the rarest combination of colors in opal. This is because they are at the opposite end of the spectrum and the silica molecules rarely occur together in the sizes needed to refract these colors. This is an amazingly rare piece!" This above quote is from the opal miner, Bill Kasso.  The accent stones of Mexican opal, carved chalcedony, tanzanite and rose cut diamonds in 22k and 18k really finish the piece.    

  • Boulder Opal
  • Mexican Opal
  • Carved Chalcedony
  • Tanzanite
  • Rose Cut Diamonds
  • Orange Sapphire 18k chain
  • Andalusite Beads