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Jennifer Kalled Boulder Opal & Black Opal Necklace

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    If you are an Opal lover then I highly recommend this Opal necklace.  It has Black opal beads, and a spectacular boulder opal as its centerpiece.   The lapis beads highlight the blues that are in both opals completing a look that is fine. 

      Boulder Opal and Black Opal come from different areas in Australia.  Black opal from New South Wales and Boulder opal from Queensland.  Needless to say what they have in common is opal, their differences lay with the matrix that the opal is found in.
    • Australian Boulder Opal Necklace
    • Boulder Opal
    • Black Opal Beads
    • Lapis Beads
    • 18k Gold Beads
    • 22k & 14k Gold
    • Measures 16-18" adjustable