Jennifer Kalled

Boulder Opal Necklace "Hanging in the Balance"

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There are many factors that go into designing any one of my pieces, color of course, but shape, position, and flow are key.  If any of the free-form shaped stones are not perfectly positioned... a little to the left, a tad to the right, slightly higher, etc... It can go dreadfully wrong.  This piece took me a very long time to find it's balance.  Using a "soft gaze" is essential in assessing what needs to be done.  Thus, the name for this piece "Hanging in the Balance" The boulder opal is very jumpy with greens, aquas, lavenders.

  • Boulder opal
  • Carved black jade by Steve Walters
  • Peridot
  • Pearl
  • Tsavorite
  • Spinal Beads
  • Peridot 18k gold chain
  • 22k and 18k gold
  • Insurance & shipping included via Registered mail USPS within USA