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"Out of this World" S.J. Collection

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 I recently finished the biography on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and as I have done in the past with the biographies/books that I have read, ( on Nietzsche, Silvia Plath, Ted Hughes, Emerson,Virgina Wolfe, etc...)  created a few pieces in honor of that person.  Here is one of them.

In 1981, ammolite became recognized by CIBJO, (the Colored Stones Commission.) It is the latest of only three new gemstones introduced in the last 50 years. It is also only one of three organic gemstones, (including amber & pearl.) It has been compared to opal and has a superficial similarity to the Austrian mineral lumachelle whose iridescence is also provided by the fossil ammonite carnites floridus.
... Ammonite shell is comprised primarily of aragonite, (the same mineral that makes up pearls,) with trace elements of aluminum, barium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, strontium, titanium and vanadium.
... Unlike most other gem, whose colors comes from light refraction, the iridescent color of ammolite comes from interference with the light that rebounds from stacked layers of thin platelets in the aragonite. Ordered thick stacks for red gems, less ordered thinner stacks for green and unordered, very thin stacks for blue ones.

At about 10:38 AM on February 12, 1947, a "monster bolide" impacted in the USSR near the town of Sikhote-Alin, in the Soviet Far East north of Vladivostok. It was first noticed as a brilliant light in the daylight sky, bright enough to make the eyes burn as it hurtled downward at a steep angle. Trailed by a huge smoky train, the meteor streaked to earth, filling the sky with deep, reverberating thunderclaps and shaking the ground.

The meteorite, estimated to weigh as much as 100 tons, exploded into fragments which impacted over a wide area, blasting out more than 120 pits, the largest of which was twenty feet deep and ninety feet in diameter. Blocks of iron weighing up to two tons littered the landscape.


  • Ammonite
  • Sikote-Alin meterorite
  • Black drusy quartz
  • Peridot
  • Black garnet
  • Diamonds
  • Black tourmaline