Jennifer Kalled

Yowah Opal Pendant Mexican Opal Green Tourmaline Carved Leaves 22k 18k Gold

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This opal is from Yowah, Australia where our home is, and where Bill, my husband, spends a few months out of each year sourcing opal.  Opal forms inside these small "ironstone nuts". The green, orange, and gold flashes are strikingly beautiful.  I added two carved leaves, green tourmaline and Mexican opal.   Fanciful pendant, "Wood Nymph" is her name.  

  • Yowah opal
  • Boulder opal
  • Pendant
  • Carved green tourmaline leaf
  • Carved Mexican opal leaf
  • 22k 18k SS
  • Double chain 14k diamond cut 18k oval 16-18" long
  • App. 2 x 1.5