Custom Earrings with Boulder Opal

 One of my collectors recently chose  3 boulder opals from Bill Kasso while we were participating in the Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst Art Show in Tarrytown, NY (See below)  Bill has been bringing a collection of unset boulder opals to our Art Shows and it has opened up a whole new avenue for collectors to have a more intimate part in their custom piece.  Having such a large selection of Boulder Opal to choose from gets our juices flowing!  

It was particularly fun for me to have the challenge, and a brave customer to want to have mismatched earrings.  I love the delicate pink that winds and sparkles throughout these opals!  We used the customers pearls & diamonds from earrings not worn anymore & added spinels and yellow sapphire.  The earrings will be done in 22k and 18k gold.



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